The TEDx organizer dilemma

[Reposted from Steve's Blog, October 26, 2012]

Yesterday I had the chance to participate in TEDxZurich. It was the 16th TEDx event that I have attended over the last three years. Each has been rewarding in its own, unique way. Kudos to the TEDxZurich team on all your hard work.

TEDx was a pretty awesome risk that TED took in 2009 to license out their brand and their format for free to allow independent organizers to put together TED-like events. Not yet four years later, there have been over 5,000 events organized in cities, Universities, communities, and organizations around the world.

Being a TEDx organizer is an amazing experience. There are few things more rewarding than seeing a community come together to engage in dialogue about our shared future. There are few things more rewarding than amplifying the impact of a remarkable person’s work. There are few things more rewarding than getting to call speakers and tell them that their talk is going on the front page of

The TEDx organizer dilemma, though, is a struggle between:

  • wanting to spend time organizing events and helping to facilitate for others to share their TEDTalk; vs.
  • wanting to go out and do something else remarkable that maybe could someday be a TEDTalk.

Each is important.

As the TEDx community continues to grow, it’s an important distinction for every organizer to keep in mind.

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