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Left and right brain stuff

My evolving TED story in a nutshell

Since the first TED talks were made publicly available in 2009, they have intrigued me. I wondered, can TED talks be a relevant tool for relating, learning and sharing at Penn State? Shortly after I started working as a creative director at Penn State University, together with a small team  Read more »

About my TED talk – Water is One

On March 17, 2013, I stood on the TED stage at TEDxPSU, an independently organized TED event at the Penn State University. Facing an audience of 900, plus a large number of people watching live online, I gave a talk about how the current of my life led me to  Read more »

Let’s look under the hood of communication

Humanity is scrambling to understand communication. Until the advent of social media came about, the message was very pliable. Because we were so distant from each other the message was vulnerable to manipulation. As communication become instantaneous, it is able to circumvent manipulation and has therefore become inevitable. Owners of  Read more »

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The TEDx organizer dilemma

[Reposted from Steve's Blog, October 26, 2012] Yesterday I had the chance to participate in TEDxZurich. It was the 16th TEDx event that I have attended over the last three years. Each has been rewarding in its own, unique way. Kudos to the TEDxZurich team on all your hard work. TEDx was  Read more »