My evolving TED story in a nutshell

Since the first TED talks were made publicly available in 2009, they have intrigued me. I wondered, can TED talks be a relevant tool for relating, learning and sharing at Penn State?

Shortly after I started working as a creative director at Penn State University, together with a small team I invited colleagues from our office to watch TED talks over lunch, we supplied pizza and soft drinks, I served as moderator, presented the theme, introduced the talk, and facilitated the follow-up conversation. People loved it!

When I saw a small poster in early 2010 calling for volunteers to help organize a first TEDx event at Penn State, I was very excited to get involved in TEDxPSU. Admittedly, I didn’t fully know what I was doing at first, but our team managed to spread tremendous excitement around campus and to organize a memorable first event that generated considerable buzz. More than a thousand people showed up and several of the talks from this event are now featured on

Since then I helped organize other TEDx events at Penn State, each experience enriching my personal and collective involvement in the global TED phenomenon.

Opportunity emerged to participate in the weeklong TEDxSummit 2012 in Doha, Qatar, and recently in a groundbreaking TEDx event, TEDxJNJ, within the corporate world of Johnson & Johnson.

TEDActive 2013 proved to be yet another culminating TED experience, meeting hundreds of fellow TEDx organizers, TED fellows and TED celebrities, while enjoying live the incredible energy of thousands of attendees at TED 2013 in Long Beach, California.

And just recently, on March 17, 2013, I stood on the TED stage at TEDxPSU with my own TED talk “Water is One”, click the link below.

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