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Left and right brain stuff

Hungry soap dispenser

Seen today in our men’s bathroom. Very creative! Very hungry soap dispenser  

No stress

In Salvador, Bahia, Brazil‘s third largest city, people don’t like stress. None at all. Life is too precious to be wasted on stress. Salvador is also known as Brazil‘s capital of happiness due to its easygoing population and countless popular outdoor parties, including its famous street carnival. Life is very relaxed and focused on the  Read more »

Living Unspecified – Fractals Geometry

What made the father of fractal geometry Benoit Mandelbrot so creative in his field was his disdain for conformity. He didn’t sound methodical like a mathematician or a physicist. This was because he was endowed with an intuitive approach in a very structured world allowing him to see a totally  Read more »

Creativity on a time card

When a new design project comes out I don’t just sit down and do it with a stroke of a genius as people believe. It doesn’t work that way. Creativity doesn’t perform on command as often as we would like. We have to first fill our creative cup wherever it is – on top of our  Read more »