About my TED talk – Water is One

My talk at TEDxPSU 2013

My TED talk ‘Water is One” at TEDxPSU 2013 (Penn State University)

On March 17, 2013, I stood on the TED stage at TEDxPSU, an independently organized TED event at the Penn State University.

Facing an audience of 900, plus a large number of people watching live online, I gave a talk about how the current of my life led me to uncover my inner potential and how that experience awakened within me the realization that in reality we are all connected.

At the end of my talk I led the audience into a meditation during which they would be able to replicate my experience within themselves and feel its tangible effects on their own nervous system.


TedxPSU (Photo credit: TEDxPSU)

When I opened my eyes after the exercise I was amazed to see that almost everyone in the audience had followed the meditation!

For a moment everyone felt beautifully calm, peaceful and centered, so cool!

Just one person in the foreground in this picture below seems to have blissfully fallen asleep.  :)

Audience meditating

Meditating with my audience at TEDxPSU 2013

When I left the stage I felt it would be great to provide a bit more support, more information and the opportunity to deepen their meditation experience even further.

So for those of you who are interested in learning about meditation, here is a very simple and free technique, called Sahaja Yoga, which I have learned over many years directly from my teacher Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Learning Sahaja Yoga meditation is no different than acquiring any other new skill. It takes practice to establish a routine, doing it once or twice a day, preferably first thing in the morning and again before bed, for a couple of weeks until you’re sure about the benefits.

Here is a link to a more in-depth meditation exercise than the one I had time to do in my TED talk, it’s the third video down on that page. Then take some time to check around this site for additional information – in case you’d like to understand a bit more before you decide to embark on this amazing inner journey.


meditation (Photo credit: HaPe_Gera)


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6 Responses to About my TED talk – Water is One
  1. Hamant says:

    Hello Herbert,

    Many thanks for your very inspirational Video on “Water is One” – Came across it through Teds Subscriptions. I was immensely interested since starting out on this journey around 8 months ago, although the whole of the life is a journey to where we are at now.
    Very inspiring story indeed and thank for the links to Sahaja Yoga and Sri Mataji’s website – amazing content.
    My journey took me all over and back to my roots and into The teachings of The Vedante and Upanishads.

    Thank you from the Heart

  2. anaic says:

    Such a joy to hear you talking about us becoming one as a drop becomes the ocean! Thank you

  3. [...] s’est senti merveilleusement calme, paisible et vraiment cool! » Herbert Reiniger Plus sur : http://reiningers.com/about-my-ted-talk-water-is-one/#comment-578 Publié par notre Terre [...]

  4. michalis egonopoulos says:

    herbert hi,your presentation was fantastic.i got carried away in your story.i wish all the people that experienced your story to be helped in their seeking.by the way the events you described seemed so real.if it so please tell me what was the conclusion of your adventure.greetings from Athens Michalis

    • Herbert says:

      Well, you said it aptly, it was, and it still is, an adventure for me. I am now meditating regularly and can’t really imagine a life without its ‘funtastic’ benefits. Did you check out the links in this post?

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